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How to Use Ice Globes on Face?

how to use ice globes on face

This article will tell you how to use ice globes on face. Ice globes are a beauty tool that naturally reduces redness and swelling, helps reduce redness and shrink pores, and calms after sun exposure, making them ideal for skin with a damaged protective layer, as well as for home using tool.


What Is Face Ice Globes?

Ice cube globes, also known as facial cooling globes, use the physical principle of alternating heat and cold to act on the surface of the skin, thus causing the rhythmic contraction and diastole of the subcutaneous blood vessels, which improves local blood circulation and tightens the skin, removes wrinkles and shrinks pores. secondly, it also inhibits inflammation, stops itching, reduces swelling, relieves fatigue and relieves pain.



how to use ice globes on face



How to Use Ice Globes on Face?

You need to put the ice globes in the refrigerator before you use it, take it out before use, clean it and then use it; clean it after use and put it back in the refrigerator for storage.

You can use ice globes for a long time and they are not harmful to your body, so you can use them without worry.

Ice globes are hollow spheres made of glass, which are filled with freezing liquid, which comes in different colors, pink, blue and white, which are relatively popular.



best ice globes for face
how to use ice globes on face


The pink or blue transparent liquid refracts a shimmering light under the illumination of the light, and it does not have a seam on the entire contact surface, which is particularly round and smooth when held in the hand, so it is very comfortable to roll on the skin.

Ice globes has a large and small, large one can be used in a large area of the cheek area, can also be used as a chest lift, small one used around the lips, nose, eyes and other small places.

When using the ice globes you need to use it together with a medium, either a matching gel serum or another product that replenishes the skin. The massage with ice globes is a very relaxing process that brings water pressure to the skin, and the varying degrees of pressure created by rolling at different angles can caress the subcutaneous nerves and strengthen the skin’s intrinsic ability to absorb nutrients.


ice globes for face
how to use ice globes on face


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