Electric Face Brush Mini Makeup Remover


This electric face brush can clean face pore and remove you nose blackhead. It has 4 modes of use, press the power button to switch modes.
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Electric face brush
Pink / Green /Purple
Charging mode
USB Charge
3 adjustment mode


1. 3-in-1 cleaning and massage: facial cleansing brush uses sound vibration to remove dirt, dead skin, oil and cosmetic residues in pores. The led light massage mode promotes blood circulation and makes the skin smoother and healthier. EMS low frequency micro current, stimulate muscle contraction movement, to improve the skin surface fine lines, make the skin young, smooth and firm.

2. Skin-friendly: Food Grade Soft Silicone Bristles. Safe and comfortable to use, less harmful to the skin than normal spinning brushes. Combined thick and thin bristles for general and precise clean. A great face beauty tool and also can be used as a facial massager.

3. Full Waterproof Grade: Safe to use even when shower. Tiny & Portable. Small enough to fit into your handbag, perfect grip and portable for travels.

4. EMS microcurrent compacts skin and plasma repairs muscle base to promote absorption:
EMS low-frequency microcurrent penetrates deep into dermis and causes electrophysiological response to facial muscle tissue by transmitting bioelectric pulse signal with frequency of 4.8Hz, stimulating muscle contraction, improving fine lines on the skin surface and making skin young, smooth and firm.

5. Cleaner releases micro positive and negative plasma smaller than pores, positive ions: double cleaning, can deeply dredge pores, efficient adsorption, gentle exfoliation; Anion: nutrition import, help the absorption of effective ingredients of skin care products, strengthen the efficacy.


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electric face brush Mini makeup remover
Electric Face Brush Mini Makeup Remover
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