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What are ice globes used for? What liquid is in ice globes?

The ice globes used in the beauty process is a hollow sphere made of glass, filled with magnetized water. So what are ice globes used for?

A transparent blue liquid that refracts with a shimmering light when illuminated. It can be used at room temperature, and it can be cooled to -40 degrees without freezing.

The low-temperature magnetized water has a traction ability on the skin, helping the skin to reach a good state of absorption and strengthening the skin’s resistance.

What are ice globes used for
What are ice globes used for?

The ice globes can be used on a large area of the cheeks, or as a chest lift, around the lips, nose, eyes and other small areas, massage with the ice globes is a very good relaxation process, it will bring the skin water pressure, with different angles of rolling the pressure generated by different weights, can calm the nerves, strengthen the skin’s inherent ability to absorb nutrients.

Ice globes for face is frozen to -24 ℃, can quickly absorb the heat of the skin surface contacted, reaching more than 3500 calories, so that the skin temperature drops.

What are ice globes used for?

The ice globes has different senses with temperature changes and can be used either frozen or warmed up. You may be surprised to put it in the -24 ℃ freezer in the ball of water but will not freeze, the original magnetized water here is a special treatment.

The low-temperature magnetized water has traction on the skin, which helps the skin to reach a good state of absorption, strengthens the skin’s resistance, and has a calming effect on the skin that is red, swollen and painful due to allergies. Heating the ice globes to about 17℃ (warmth is usually no more than 37℃) can relax the sensitive skin.

The magnetic field of the ice globes interacts with the body’s own magnetic field to promote skin cell metabolism and strengthen its ability to absorb nutrients. The heated heat can help open the pores and expel waste from the pores, making the skin look white and smooth after treatment.

Ice globes Working Principle

ice globes skin rejuvenation and whitening beauty instrument mainly adopts “cold therapy” to produce the corresponding beauty care effect on the human body.

Cold therapy has a long history of application in medicine, in ancient times in China there are records of using ice and snow to stop bleeding, stop pain and reduce swelling. In the Ming Dynasty, Li Shizhen wrote in his “Compendium of Materia Medica” that cold therapy can be used to stop pain, relieve muscle spasm and bleeding. As early as 2,500 years ago, the ancient Egyptians knew that applying cold compresses to injuries could reduce inflammatory reactions.

In recent years, cold therapy has been greatly developed, and it is commonly used in Europe, North America, Russia and China to treat various sports injuries, rheumatic diseases and neurological diseases, and it has also been developed in cosmetology.

What are ice globes used for
What are ice globes used for?

Ice globes cosmetic effects

1、Make skin blood vessels contract and relax rhythmically, improve skin blood circulation, promote the discharge of harmful substances from the skin, and facilitate the penetration of maintenance products, so that they can give full play to their maximum effectiveness.

2、Improve skin firmness, and have excellent improvement effect on eye bags, forehead lines, corner lines and corners of the eyes.

3, the skin roughness, pore size, after-sun repair, facial capillary dilatation (red face), etc. role outstanding.

4、Gently bring out excess heat, blocking the excitability of inhibiting skin lesions, reduce vascular exudation, to achieve the purpose of analgesia, anti-itch, anti-inflammatory, swelling.

ice globes for face
What are ice globes used for?

Ice globes instructions for use

  • The best tool for daily care of the skin and the introduction of maintenance products, is a necessary product for beauty institutions and individuals, can be used for facial and neck massage, Gua Sha, open back points, breast enlargement, buttocks, etc.
  • Used in a rolling manner, a short stay can be made at inflamed areas and problematic skin to enhance the effect.
  • Place it in the freezer normally and take it out when you need to use it, or place it in the freezer 1 hour before use. Wash with water before use. After use, use an appropriate amount of skin cleanser to wash the crystal ice globes, wipe dry and put it in a plastic bag for backup.
  • The skin will be slightly red and hot after use, this is a benign reaction to the use of crystal ice globes.
  • The product can be used for a long time, ice skin liquid is non-toxic, even if broken, no harm to people.
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